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We have cutting-edge production systems in which we are constantly investing, always seeking the best technology.

Our technical and design capacity allows us to develop comprehensive projects and personalised solutions.

Your project,
our project

Our vocation? Placing all our experience and guidance at the service of your ideas. Working side by side with engineers, architects, builders and installers, we develop an effective, personalised process, transforming unique solutions into reality to meet the commitments we have made with you. Because we make your project our project.

Tool and roller design

Brausa develops comprehensive projects from your needs to obtaining the tools required for the realisation thereof.

We stand out for our major technical design capacity in:

  • Forming tools applied on the profile lines
  • Die cutting tools
  • Cutting tools


Bespoke software created to provide multiple optimisations in the calculation of profiles:

  • Optimisation of the purlin according to dimensional, climatic and load characteristics
  • Generation of effective mechanical properties for new profiles
  • Load table generator
  • Adaptation to European regulations.